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PowerGramo Record Center 3.0

PowerGramo Record Center is a program that allows to record Skype calls (See all)

PowerGramo Record Center is a program that allows to record Skype calls.
The calls must be done by users running PowerGramo Enterprise. You can install the Record Center as a server in any machine in the network. Then, it will offer you the ability to manage all the calls that the users make through Skype to other computers or telephone lines. You can, in fact, monitor all the activities that the users perform, like the chat. Or look what they are doing in their machines, by capturing a snapshot of their desktop at regular intervals.

The "Call Records" tab will allow you to view every call that was recorded, and you will be able to listen to it. "Event Logs" will show you the information about the events in each computer. "Chat Messages" will show you the messages that the users are sending and receiving through Skype. "Short Messages" will show the SMS. In the Screenshot area you can view the screen of any user. The list of connected users will appear in the "Users" tab. Through the "Central Configuration" you can customize how the program will work, and the details that you want to give and receive.

It is a powerful tool to monitor all the Skype calls at work.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • Only useful when all users are running PowerGramo Enterprise
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